Industrial Machinery

We offer a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment to meet the increasing sophisticated needs of the manufacturing and metal fabrication industry.


  • Manual/ Electrical Pipe Bending Machine
  • Soon Mei Industrial Welding Machines
  • Industrial Drilling Machines
  • TCT Annular Cutter
  • Permanent Gas Cylinder
  • Liquified Gas Cylinder
  • Ultra Clean Cylinder
  • ALMI Pipe Notchers Machine
  • Hydraulic Iron Worker Machine
  • Various models of Punching Machine
  • Pipe Notcher
  • Pipe Beveling machines
  • Javelin Tube Pulling Machine
  • Tornado
  • Trident Tube Pulling Machine
  • Foot Squearing Machine
  • Manual Slip Rolls
  • Power Slip Rolls
  • Folding Machine