Gas Welding & Cutting

A variety of gas welding equipment including welding torch, cutting torch, welding nozzles, cutting nozzles, regulators, flash-back arrestors, hose check valves, twin outlet valve, flame-cutting machines, hose, nozzle cleaner, spark lighter and
many more to meet your welding needs.


  • Welding/ Purging Regulator
  • Cutting/ Welding Torch
  • Single Adjustment/ Twin Outlet Valve
  • Cutting Machine (WCM-65/ WCM-22/ WCM-251)
  • Welding Regulator
  • Welding Hose/ Gas Welding Set
  • Flashback Arrestor
  • Welding / Cutting Torches & Nozzle
  • ANME/ PNME Cutting Nozzle
  • Welding/ Heating Nozzle