Welding Consumables

A range of welding electrodes, brazing fluxes, silver brazing alloys, TIG Rods, MIG Wires, and gouging carbon rods the welder could use for his welding job.


  • Various Type Welding Wire
  • Welding/ TIG Rod
  • Tungsten Electrode
  • Crack Detector/ Nozzle Gel/ Flux
  • Composite Rod/ Wear Pad
  • Welding Flux for Aluminium
  • Welding Flux for Silver
  • Welding Flux for Bronze
  • Cadmium Free Brazing Alloys
  • Cadmium Free Flux Coated Brazing Alloys
  • Alloy for Copper and Copper Based Materials
  • Various Type of Steel Electrode
  • Heavy Soil Abrasion Electrode
  • NS Sugar / Cast Iron Electrode
  • Gouging Electrode
  • Various Type of Welding Electrode
  • Bared Rod for TIG Welding
  • Rod/ Coated TIG Rod
  • Gouging Electrode